First interesting results regarding Olive Mill waste valorisation have been produced

Project execution goes ahead and partners keep working on their tasks, thus producing interesting preliminary results concerning the olive mill waste valorisation. Research focus has been placed in the three main technologies that compose Biogas2PEM-FC proposed solution, namely: anaerobic digestion, reforming and PEM-FC use. Anaerobic digestion related research has been focused during these months in the study of different inoculates and/or co-substrates for the optimization of methane production. Additionally, research for the use of pre-treatment technologies has also beeg conducted. As for the reforming technologies, activities about developing strategies for biogas purification have been carried out, being also started the tasks related to the development of optimum catalysts and to the study of possible strategies for the pre-treatment of the reformate. Finally, PEM-FC investigations have been related to the study of different operational conditions and how impurities affect fuel cell performance.