European Fuel Cell conference (EFC13) – 11-13 December 2013

KTH as RTD performer from the project will present main project results in EFC13. EFC13 will promote all preliminary experience of real-life applications of fuel cells or fuel cell-based products. Accordingly, a specific track named “Approaching the market” has been introduced. In addition, the event will pool research activities on the use of fuel cells for producing chemicals taking advantage of anodic and cathodic local conditions to enhance specific reactions for the production of H2, CO, H2O etc. The core part of the event will stay focused on fuel cells development, tests and modelling as well as experiences on innovative fuels, fuel processing and system design. All environmental issues approached through fuel cells will be part of the “decarbonizing society” track. New ideas will offer the opportunity to reflect on the future of fuel cells and stimulate a different way of seeing today’s solutions. To support the dissemination activities of national and international projects (e.g. FCH-JU), a specific session will be introduced to allow the presentation of project progress and compare results. European Fuel Cell Conference –European Fuel Cell